Building Consulting Services

Another service that we offer is Building Consulting Services. This is a more focused lower cost inspection on isolated area’s that you may have concerns about things like the roof, deck, remodel work, mold, etc. The reason you should consider having a Building Consultation is I am impartial as I am not trying to sell you anything or additional services. The following are examples of actual Building Consultations.

If you have some type of concern regarding your home, Please give me a call to see if Building Consulting Services would be right for you. Roofs, decks, moisture issues, mold, remodel work, second opinion etc.

Atlanta Home Inspection Mold Testing

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Client referred me to his elderly disabled Mom who had just had a new roof put on.

The roofer was requesting final payment and she wanted me to inspect their work. This roofer (recently had started business and sub contracted the work). The work was well below sub standard. Only 3 nails per shingle (4 is required), large gaps and damaged siding/trim which roofer agreed to fix and never did. Most important, the roofers had disconnected the exhaust vent in the attic of the furnace. This was dumping Deadly Carbon Monoxide into the home. She told me her smoke detector went off when she started the furnace; it was not the smoke detector but rather her carbon monoxide detector.

Client had a leaking toilet in her bathroom.

She had the leaked fixed but was getting conflicting advice from the floor is ok to another saying the floor needed to be replace (ripping out tile, subfloor etc). She did not know who to trust. Upon my inspection, the floor had only some minor water stains and minimal damage. Floor was stable and did not need to be replaced.

Client had hired a contractor that had “did lots of work in the sub division” to remodel his basement.

I inquired if the contractor was “State Licensed” and client was not sure (red flag). Asked if a building permit was issued and client said no (red flag). Both of these are required for this type of remodel. Upon inspection (pre-drywall) the framing looked like it was done by someone on drugs (While there I overheard the son of the contractor that he was proud of passing his probation ordered drug testing). I kid you not. I informed that there was a significant amount of defects of the framing and this could hinder re-sale of the home.